The story of "Frankie" . . .


While other embalming machines have made many claims regarding functionality, “Frankie” is different. To start, each tank has a four gallon capacity and a sealing top (to reduce chemical exposure, of course). A removable filter comes standard, to separate and prevent any chemical sediments from entering your fluid mixtures causing unexpected distribution issues. The machine operates much like a heart: it has a pulse by design. The speed of the heart pump can be regulated, and vascular resistance pressure can be measured. News flash, in case you don’t already know: while measuring the internal resistance pressure of the vascular system, you shouldn’t “blow it” anymore. With two tanks, you can take your pre-injection to perfection. Tired of refurbishing an old machine? “Frankie” is made to withstand common and uncommon chemical solutions without issue. Adjustment to fluid flow controls affect displacement, volume, and pressure. Last but certainly not least, all machines come with a red pump boot unless you unlock the option to- Go-Green!

“When I realized what I was called to create, I couldn’t think of what to call it.  Then I remembered that usually what I create tends to look like something out of a Frankenstein movie. Finally, something clicked—I decided that I would name it after my son.” -J.M. Bernaudo

As an embalmer, consider the aforementioned differences. As an embalmer myself, I have. I see evolution, advantages and improvements. Order one today and judge for yourself.  Remember, monsters are not born, they are made— “Frankie” is created for you.